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Full_Empty is an interactive audiovisual installation that is based on the presence and the behaviour of the audience. The concept of the installation comes from the idea of a "collaboration" between the installation and the audience itself.
In fact, when the room will be empty, the installation stays in a "sleep mode" but when one or more human beings, will enter the room, the installation activate itself and creates an audiovisual composition using various data from sensors. While the audience enjoys the experience, they also participating in the piece of art that they are looking at.

This installation is not looped and doesn't have an exact duration.

The visuals will be generated with Max Msp using data from sensors, detecting position and movement of the audience. Sound will be generated algorithmically using Ableton Live and Max For Live.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

A surface where to show the visuals, a room or an angle of the room with 2 walls should be fine.

What the artists brings

2 projectors, 1 microphone, 1 kinect, 2 macbook, speakers, soundcard.

  • AV Installation

Italy Roma


LPM 2019 Rome
LPM 2019 Rome
02 // 05 május 2019